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In 1997 Philippe Güdemann (drums) and Laurent Bardy (bass guitar) formed a metal band, and put the premises of their definitely death metal oriented music.

At the beginning of 1998, Jerome Thomas (vocals) and Jerome Renevey (guitar) joined them and the group fully started in a thrash/death-metal style. A second guitarist was needed to complete the line-up and finally Sylvain Pelletier aka Lord Pelthor (guitar) joined the band. Three months later, a first concert took place on June 21st, 1998 at the music festival in Lausanne. Your Own Decay was born.

In 1999, Jerome Renevey left the band to join Twisted, and Jerome Lachenal took over the guitar duties. It is a transition year with a new guitarist, new songs and a new practice room (many changes), but the band gained maturity in spite of the difficulties to find gig dates and a decent place to practice.

The year 2000 was an important milestone for Your Own Decay, since the French-speaking band got the chance to play gigs in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. This allowed the band to reach at last a bigger audience than in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Little by little, the band built its reputation in the metal underground, thanks to its stage performances and its dynamism.

The "Never enough" mini-CD was released on June 30th, 2001. The four tracks were recorded and mixed in four days and form a furious extract of the band’s repertoire which made it possible for Your Own Decay to find concert dates with bands of international fame, like during the famous Metal Dayz 2001 with Napalm Death, Immortal, Behemoth... It was also in 2001 that Laurent Bardy left the band and was replaced by Loïc Loup on bass guitar. Since then, the line-up remained stable and the band found its right balance.

In 2002, the group gave many concerts and the members tried and learned how to manage their professional, personal and musical life, which did not always go without clashes...

Finally, after having saved a little money, the musicians of Your Own Decay decided to record a full-length album in 2003. And they faced the tough reality: studio days are expensive and one cannot play in the studio as on a live situation. A pre-production phase began, then the recording itself in the studio and finally the mixing of the record that lasted longer because of many hitches (sound engineer change, computer unavailable). Few concerts were be played this year because of the priority given to the CD in order to be able to release it on summer 2004.

In 2004, the band finished its CD, wrote new songs and played with Krisiun and Morbid Angel in the Usine club of Geneva.

In 2005, after some killer gigs in Switzerland and in France, the band is writing material for the second full-length album and prepares for the recording sessions that are scheduled for 2006.