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Lord Pelthor
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Name : Lord Pelthor pelthor(at)
Ydk job : Rhythm guitar + Lead sweeping + headbanging
Date of birth : 18th June 1980
Job : System Admin. (computers)
Side project: Blastage (old side project still alive - more melodic)
Thanks to : all who support us, all members of YDK and staff, all bands who've shared the same stage, all sick men who possess a YDK articles, my crazy family and all I've forgotten... you know who you are!
  Instruments : Guitars [Jackson black strat custom Guitar with Duncan Seymour Dimebag pickups, ESP Kirk Hammett Guitar, Ibanez 7 strings] // Picks [Jim Dunlop 3.0mm] // Strings [D'addario 010-052] // and the most possible fingers on the strings!

Amplifications : Pelthor uses Line 6 amplifiers only! [Vetta HD amplifiers and cabs, AxSys212, PODxt with crazy Metal pack]
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Favorite Musicians: Yngwie Malmsteen, Eicca Toppinen, JS Bach, John Petrucci, Peter Tätgren
Favorite Bands: Cryptopsy, Carcass, Death, Hypocrisy, Apocalyptica, Grave, Arch Enemy, Arcturus, Dream Theater, Emperor, Illdisposed, Samael, Ministry, Static-X, Tchaïkowsky, Bach, Metallica,...
Favorite Live Band: Your Own Decay, Ramms+ein
Favorite swiss Band: Disparaged, Requiem, Fade, Sybreed, Arkhan, ...
YDK's favourite song: Glory To Illusions, For Freedom
Best Recollection with YDK: Metal Dayz 2001, first part of Morbid Angel or stage diving with my guitar during a gig...
the worst one: waiting, waiting, waiting the release of 'Recollection'
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