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Name : Phil
YDK job : Drums and Webmaster
Actual Job : IT
Musical way : music theory (it was to early i can't remember) 3 years of piano, start beating drums in 1997
  Instruments :DW drums, TD 20, Hang
Cymbals : Sabian HHX
Stands and rack : Gibraltar
Trigger : Ddrum and Roland
Sound Module : Roland TD 20
Amplifications : Bose
Other stuff    
Side Projects/Bands Mother Kingdom
Favorite drummer : Billy Cobbham, Flo Mounier, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dave Chambers, "Iron" Mike Portnoy, Marc Erbetta, Julio Barreto, Derek Roddy
Favorite live bands : Gojira, Oxmo Puccino
Favorite Links :
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