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  Mini Cd Never Enough 2001  
  Edited by: Tombstone  
  Country: Greece  
  These guys are from Switzerland and they are playing death metal with some influences from the bay area thrash metal scene. This self produced and financed mini CD is their debut release and it is obvious through it that these guys have the potential for something good. This mini CD was released a couple of years ago so we can’t comment on the progress of the band since then but they know the basics very well and their songs are tight and straight forward. They are not a very brutal band and they have worked hard with the arrangements making them a bit more complex and having a more technical edge in their music. The production of the mini CD could be a bit better since the four songs in it don’t benefit much from it but this is something that can be improved in the future. For more info about the band check out or  
  Edited by: Hellzine underground  
  Country : United Kingdom  
  Speed hate metal to the core! When Your Own Decay break it down, they stomp like a T-Rex on the hunt, huge blast beats and strong searing cuts. Songs of cataclysmic death, ripping face rearrangement, lying scum and the standard raping and war, the modern black army of Your Own Decay Marches on through this too short four song disc of mayhem. There are some old school metal nods (Until You Die) and some outright brutality (Glory To Illusions) that set the stage for the articulate thrash (Machine) that will inspire pits and suicide worldwide. Can you feel the fires and smell the burning flesh? As killer as the rest are, closing song "Last One Standing" combines all the elements into a full bore metal attack. Suffer fools