Until You Die  © Jérôme Thomas

Until you die

{Take, what you can take, and never give, that's just the way you live
All, your fucking lies, false promises, I'll never forgive
Hate, my hate for you, will never die, as it grows inside
Pain, your pain for me, to pay the price of my own sufferings

I betrayed / my own trust
I've been lost / but now I'm back} 2x

Sometimes, I loose sense of reality
This rage, it's gonna make me crazy
You see, I've always try to give my best
But now, I can't believe in forgiveness
Cause you treat me, like a dog
And you break me, so deep inside
I'm so sorry, it's too late
I will crush you, until you die

Until you die
Until you die
Until you die
Until you die